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Book Overview

Adults can EMPOWER one child or a group of children! (Read and share with children as young as 8 years old.)

Creating strong, resilient children is the most important job for parents! Street Safe Kids provides parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches and educators the tools to help youth become responsible and self-aware.

Young people recognize the power of bullies and abusers. However, they need to know how to discover inner power to develop their own identities. Adults CANNOT protect children at school, on the streets or online but children can learn to protect themselves.

Street Safe Kids: A 10 Step Guide has 138 illustrations and stories including an adult guide. One hour a week of special time together can improve communication skills and give youth the self-confidence to stay safe and healthy. Children will learn how to handle anger, discover how to stay safe from bullies, drugs and other self-destructive behaviors. Teens will discover the power of intuition, setting goals and working with others. Every child can reach their potential if they know the beginning steps to achieve success.

We suggest adults read the ten steps and share their life experiences, when age appropriate. Children will open up, share their stories and be less likely to keep secrets from parents, which will strengthen family bonds and build trust.

LOVE is spending TIME with children and offering SUPPORT so they can discover their hidden talents and reach their potential!

What People Are Saying about Street-Safe Kids

“Street-Safe Kids will make a significant contribution toward the prevention of youth violence.” Warren Rupf, former Contra Costa County sheriff , No. California

“Street-Safe Kids is a must-read for everyone who deals with children. Parents, teachers, and coaches alike will find the step-by-step training programs provided can restore self-value in youth; decrease or stop bullying, crime, and violence; and put young lives on a positive, self-fulfilling track. Everyone knows a child. Everyone needs this book.” Rebecca Kimbel, TV producer and speaker, Eureka, California

“This book is a valuable read for families raising young children, offering easily followed guidelines for community interaction.” John C. Minney, retired superior court judge, Contra Costa County, California

“A major aid to parents as they work to help their children avoid drugs, gangs, violence, and juvenile crime.” —Lynne C. Leach, retired California State assemblywoman

“If I had been introduced to a program like Street-Safe Kids when I was younger, I am confident that I would not have made the self-destructive decisions, which led to multiple arrests, before I reached adult age!” —James Garcia, University of California–Berkeley student